Ubreathe Life

Improve the quality of air you breathe

Key Outcome : Air Decontamination, Disease Prevention, Wellness
Product Highlights
  • 5 Layer Filtration Process, Conceived with a 5-layer filtration process, its biological filtration covers the entire spectrum of indoor air quality by removing not only particulate pollution but also gaseous and biological contaminants, and improving the O₂
  • Real time Air Quality Index Monitoring
  • 360° clean air supply, ideal for area upto 250 sqft, number of speed setting – 3, air flow level – 400 cmh
  • Real Birch Wood Finish, Designed aesthetically to not just fit in but enhance the décor of your home
  • UNDP accelerator labs awarded the prestigious winner of innovative solutions for air pollution
Primary SDG
Market Addressed
Good Health & Well-Being
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Air Filtration
Air Quality

Tech USPs

Detailed Description

Ubreathe life is designed to harness the air purification process of plants augmented by technology that’s driven by the laws of physics.

It has a 5-layer filtration process to make it much more effective. It life boosts the air purification happening through phytoremediation process of plants. Purification happens mostly in the soil-root zone(85%) & some in the leaves(15%)

The process of phytoremediation is boosted by increasing the volume of air that the plant mircobiome gets to interact. Through our patent pending urban munnar & breathing roots technology, ubreathe life can effectively improve indoor air quality by removing particulate, gaseous and biological contaminants by the means of exponentially amplified purification through specific plants UV filtration and stack of pre-filter, charcoal filter and HEPA filter.

O&M and warranty

Warranty: 6 Months Warranty on manufacturing defects


Patent-pending ‘Breathing Roots‘ technology (Patent Application Number Ref # E-5/623/2019/DEL)  & Urban Munnar Effect (Patent Application Number Ref  #E-1/34580/2021-DEL)  that amplifies the air purification output of specific plants, which clean air by absorbing particulate and gaseous contaminants inside the soil-root zone of the plant.

Order fulfillment

Varies from 2 weeks to 6 weeks for all deliveries across India



  • NABL Certified
  • CE Certified
  • Letter of recommendation from AIIMS, Delhi
  • Letter of recommendation from IIT Ropar, Punjab


Urban Air Labs Pvt. Ltd – Breathe Better Today

A cleantech start-up focusing on air quality. They believe in combining nature-based solutions with the right design & engineering to build products that can help resolve air quality problems. The Urban Air Labs team is a coalition of veteran innovators across industries and professions, including healthcare professionals, architects, social entrepreneurs, robot designers, IOT experts, and modular building innovators.

Top Management

  • Sanjay Maurya, Cofounder, Managing Director | Air Wellness Expert, Passionate about sustainability & environment | IIT Kanpur FMS Delhi
  • Akshay Goyal, Cofounder, Director-Innovation | Building Wellness Expert; Design Innovator & Creative Technologist | Harvard University, MIT Media Labs, Ex XPrize Global, SPA Faculty
  • Akhil Gupta, Cofounder, Director | Serial Enterpreneur – co-founded Bumper, Autoninja & Montara | IIT Kanpur, IIM bangalore