Toilet Retrofits – Water Savers

A patented and award-winning dual-flush retrofit device

Key Outcome : Water conservation
Product Highlights
  • Dual-flush operated by only 1 button/lever
  • Savings from 20% to 70% of water
  • 4mm thick silicone gasket
  • Adjustable level of half flush
  • Self-cleaning mechanism
  • Easy to install
  • Nearly no maintenance needed
  • Scandinavian design and material quality
  • High user satisfaction
Primary SDG
Market Addressed
Clean Water & Sanitation
Responsible Consumption & Production
Water Conservation


These retrofit solutions have documented water conservation between 20 and 70%. This comes with proven results from more than 20 countries. Simple solutions  installed in existing toilets reduce investment costs of users as they are not required to buy a new toilet. Water conservation achieved by using these products leads to savings in electricity bill due to reduced water pumping requirements. These products provide direct answers to 2 most significant bathroom issues nowadays – how to save water and how to prevent leakages. A specially designed 4mm thick silicone gasket used with the valve is superior to standard 1mm thin rubber gaskets from sanitaryware manufacturers. Scandinavian design in combination with high quality materials ensures long life cycle of the product, so customers do not need to worry about issues with toilets.

Tech USPs

Detailed Description

Product Description

Good water management and practical knowledge are vital in the effort to minimise water use and wastage. ecoBETA offers a wide range of proprietary retrofit products for all existing major cisterns worldwide. These solutions

  • Save from 20 to more than 70% of water used for flushing
  • Easy to use
  • Easy fitting
  • No maintenance
  • Adjustable reduced flush levels

Europa Valve

This patented single button dual-flush valve is intended for replacement of dual-flush valves in water tanks of dual-flush toilets. This is suitable for the upgrade of the dual-flush toilets with 2 buttons (round shaped) with removable water tank and upper lid of the tank

Technical requirements of the water tanks (for EUROPA valve):

  • Removable upper lid of the tank and bottom from the base
  • Upper lid hole diameter – 38-42 mm
  • Inner width of tank = min. 88 mm
  • Water tank outlet hole – 58-64 mm
  • Height of the tank – 352-412 mm (without shortening of valve shaft)

Swing Retrofit

This patented single button dual-flush retrofit valve is intended for upgrading of single-flush valves in water tanks to dual-flush. This is suitable for the upgrade of single-flush toilets with 1 button with removable upper lid. This is very simple to use. For small flush the user need to press and let go while for a large flush the user needs to press and hold. 

With ecoBETA® the choice to use water is never made by accident as the user has to hold the button for a few seconds for the large flush.

O&M and warranty

Warranty: 2 years against mechanical failures.

When correctly installed, products operate without much maintenance. Subject to water quality and limescale creation, bottom gasket (seal) of EUROPA valve should be uninstalled and cleaned under running tap water every 1-2 years.

Order fulfillment


These products are complaint with EU, UK and US and international and Indian toilet standards.


ecoBETA Consulta LLP – Save water, save money


Established in 1999, ecoBETA has become a market leading company of unique SMART dual flush ONLY 1 button water savings solutions to toilets. With experience from more than 20 foreign markets, it has been recognized by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in 2019 invited by The Royal Embassy of Denmark in India to help solve increased water stress issues of Indian regions. To this end, in 2020 ecoBETA Consulta LLP was set-up with its HQ in Mumbai.

Top Management

  • Ashok Hinge – Managing Partner
  • Viraal Balsari – Partner – Strategy & Sustainability India & International
  • Pramod Sheth – Partner – Technical & Business Development – India & Denmark





  • WRAS approved
  • Manufacturers comply with latest ISO certificates/requirements