Smart Biogas

Monitoring and control for dispersed biogas assets

Key Outcome : Efficient biogas digestor operation, GHG mitigation
Product Highlights
  • IoT hardware that measures pressure and flow of biogas
  • Software platform giving access to digester data
  • Allows for remote and preemptive maintenance of biogas digesters
  • Data can be used to enter carbon markets and account for carbon savings
  • The flow meter capacity is upto 2.3 cu.m./hr
Primary SDG
Market Addressed
Affordable & Clean Energy
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Organic Waste Treatment


Smart Biogas provides biogas digester clients with a way of monitoring, measuring and maintaining their biogas installations, without having to travel to and from sites.

Tech USPs

Connecting biogas systems to communication networks and providing real-time online information about digester performance

Detailed Description

Smart Biogas is a monitoring system offering value to all stakeholders within the biogas sector by Using IoT technology to provide real-time data, even in the most remote areas. It thus provides a platform for pay as you go, flexible tariffing and carbon reporting.

The hardware consists of pressure and gas flow monitoring sensors inserted into a pipeline and transmits this information to remote servers for processing and analysis which can be accessed through the software platform.

O&M and warranty

Warranty: 1 year for entire product

Smart Biogas includes a single 18650 format Li-ion rechargeable battery and a 5W solar panel or AC/DC adapter. Within the lifetime of the product it is likely that the battery will need to be replaced and the solar panel will need to be cleaned to ensure it is able to charge the battery.


UK patent for “invention relates to a gas meter for a biogas digester, and a method for remotely monitoring a biogas digester. The gas meter may be a remote gas meter which is connected (via a communication means) to a server.”

Order fulfillment

Shipping: Within 2 weeks of payment if stock is available


Designed to ISO 5167. CE certified