Clean water and renewable energy, for anyone, anywhere

Key Outcome : Clean Water and Renewable Energy in Remote Areas


  • A containerized solution for clean water and solar energy
  • Capacity between 250 Wp and 8 kWp
  • Modular and mobile
  • Plug and play
Primary SDG
Market Addressed
Good Health & Well-Being
Clean Water & Sanitation
Potable Water
Disaster Management

Tech USPs

Detailed Description

OffGridBox Pioneer

  • External dimensions: 1.98 x 1.95 x 1.91 m (6 ft container)
  • Photovoltaic roof dimensions: 4 x 5m/10m (13 x 16ft/32ft)
  • Photovoltaic Modules: 4.08 kW, can be extended to 8.16 kW
  • Minimum: 12 x 340 Wp top warranty
  • Inverter: 5KVA (AC, 6kW peak, 2.4 continuous) – 230V 50Hz or 120V 60Hz
  • Battery Storage: 2x Lithium 25.6V LiFePo (5.2 kWh), can be extended up to 20.8 kWh
  • Water Treatment through microfiltration:
    • 89 micron (washable, semi-automatic)
    • 30 micron (washable, semi-automatic)
    • 10 micron activated charcoal filter (replaceable)
  • High efficiency pump: 16 liters per minute
  • UltraViolet sterilization lamp
  • Remote Monitoring: Optional unique Water & Power Control & Monitoring App through 2G, 3G, 4G Includes: sensors, algorithms, cloud dashboard
  • Optional Reverse Osmosis add-on (DESAL)

OffGridBox MINI

  • External dimensions: 53x52x50 cm (3ft7.3in x 3ft7.3in)
  • Photovoltaic Modules: 250 Wp, can be extended up to 1.5 kWp (max 4 in series)
  • Inverter: 12V, 500VA (900W peak, 400W continuous), can be extended to 1200VA inverter (peak 2 kW)
  • Solar Charger/Discharger: 12/24/48 V, MPPT
  • Battery Storage: LiFePO4 at 12.8V, 100Ah, nominal storage 1.2kWh, can be extended up to 4.8 kWh
  • Water Treatment: cartridge system with backwash (patent pending)
  • Membranes: down to 0.01 micron (dialysis)
  • Flow: 5L/min up to 18L/min

O&M and warranty


Patent pending for backwash system


CE and UL compliant


OffGridBox Inc- They make people and communities more resilient and prepared in the light of climate change

OffGridBox has as its mission to provide renewable energy and clean water to remote communities around the world. Founded in 2016, they have offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Kigali, Rwanda, with manufacturing in Arezzo, Italy.

The founders have been active in the solar industry for over 20 years. OffGridBox was born from a desire to bring solar energy to communities in the most rapid way possible. Projects include disaster relief to rural electrification to agroforestry, and may include desalination, serving coastal and island communities with fresh water. They have deployed their technology in more than 15 countries worldwide.

Top Management

  • Jodie Wu, CEO, 12 years of last mile distribution experience in the field of renewable energy in East Africa.
  • Emiliano Cecchini, CTO/President, 22 years international experience in sustainable utility solutions for impoverished regions.
  • Davide Bonsignore, COO/CFO, 12 years international experience designing & deploying renewable energy projects.
  • Bas Berends, CPO, 24 years in diplomacy & sustainable development.


OffGridBox works with MIT DLab, Berkeley/RAEL and University of Sienna, among others.



All components are CE certified