Point of disposal incinerator for sanitary pads

Key Outcome : Energy efficiency, Waste Reduction
Product Highlights
  • Used to incinerate sanitary pads
  • Enables complete burning at 1200°C
  • High temperature operation enables very low emissions
  • Electrical consumption is <0.2 Units/cycle
  • Safety features such as the active cooling keeps the machine body cool (50°C max)
  • Online monitoring (real-time) offers safety and ease of use
  • Remote monitoring of each machine with live and basic service diagnosis online
  • Collects and analyses key data points around waste burned and energy used
  • Sleek design and aesthetics to fit into modern spaces
  • Can also be safely used to incinerate cotton, fabric, tissue, cloth waste, masks, paper, cigarette butts etc. (No rubber material should to be added)
Primary SDG
Market Addressed
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Sanitary Waste Disposal


Input requirement:

  • Space:2*2*6 ft
  • Electricity: 0.2units/cycle
  • Internet: 4mbps
  • Ping latency – 60ms
  • Output: 100 CFM flu gas
  • Ash: Residual ash <5% of waste volume

Tech USPs

Detailed Description

NeoX is a State-of-the art Incinerator for Sanitary Napkins. It uses novel technology essentially for complete combustion of waste. When waste burns at temperatures of 1200°C, most of it is converted to heat and the remaining into tiny amounts of sterile ash/smoke. It is easy to use, requires no active maintenance as it is IoT operated and uses very little power to run.


  • Reduces major greenhouse emissions from reject waste handling by 98%
  • Cuts operation and transport costs by handling the waste at source
  • Reduces the use of resources, landscape, human interaction with toxic-waste
  • Creates infrastructure for systematic disposal of sanitary/hazardous waste

O&M and warranty


Patents cover the Neo-X Incinerator function and design- heat system, storage system, fire-shied system, aerodynamics, and overall encapsulation of these components as one product are covered

Electronics and physical design are patented separately across several countries.

Order fulfillment

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