360 Degree sustainable solution for PET Recycling

Key Outcome : Plastics recovery & recycle, Waste Reduction, Waste Repurposing
Product Highlights
  • Plug & Play, Automatic PET Crushing & Flaking  machine
  • Unique Flaking and Crushing Tech. which can reduce volume by 70-90%
  • Customizable Rewards system for user
  • 20”-40” screen for displaying visuals and contents to user, awareness
  • IOT enabled, connected with
  • Dash board for live tracking of machines
  • Mobile charging point
Primary SDG
Market Addressed
Sustainable Cities & Communities
Responsible Consumption & Production
Plastics Waste Repurposing

Tech USPs

Detailed Description

Reverse Vending Machine-Digital is an automatic Noiseless pet/plastic bottle flaking and coupon machine. The machine is made with micro hybrid concept, it starts and stops automatically based on the bottle feeding. The mouth of the machine is attached with a flap which controls the movement of the machine. After this the flaking machine will start and then stop automatically and remain shut till another bottle is fed in the machine. It has digital coupon vending feature:

SMS text sent to the user and Video played on the screen are fully customizable.

Impact from using one RVMD unit

  • + 8,64,000 pet bottles can be crushed annually
  • 2 tons of waste gets recycled per year
  • 1,000 liters of crude oil saved per year on recycling of pet waste alone
  • 10 times reduction in transportation hence saving in fuel & Carbon dioxides emissions
  • 13 cubic yards of landfill freed per year
  • 2 metric tons of Carbon dioxides emissions reduced

O&M and warranty

Order fulfillment

Day 00 – Receipt of Advance with confirmed order
Day 30 – Dispatch of system from Biocrux premises
Within 10 day of Delivery of system to client location – Installation and system handover


Helps adhere to municipal & pollution norms (MSW 2016) of segregation and recycling