Microbial consortium for pollutant reduction and odour control during sewage treatment

Key Outcome : Enhanced capacity & energy efficiency for STP/ETP, odour reduction, pollution reduction
Product Highlights
  • Consortium of microbes and its enzymes derivatives
  • Supports in the reduction of pollutants and odour during waste water treatment
  • Works in the shortest duration
Primary SDG
Market Addressed
Responsible Consumption & Production
Clean Water & Sanitation
Sewage Treatment


It is available in 1 litre, 5 litres, and 25 litres packs

Tech USPs

Detailed Description

Effective biotechnological tools contains Consortium of microbes, Probiotics, and its enzyme derivatives and nutrients for the growth of potential biomass for the reduction of organic pollutant during waste management. The microbial consortium is very efficient in degrading pollutants, contaminants, toxicity and odour during sewage treatment.

The bacterial consortiums contains

  1. Hydrocarbon reducers
  2. Pigment producing bacteria
  3. Fluorescent bacteria
  4. Photosynthetic bacteria
  5. Hydrolytic bacteria
  6. Odour control probiotics

The microbial consortiums is very effective and efficient in surviving in High TDS level and assimilate the broken as well as released nutrient present in the effluent.

Secondary SDG

O&M and warranty

  • Best before 12 months from the date of packaging
  • Maintenance dose: 1litre of product in 10 Lakh litre of input sewage/day
  • Initial inoculation of the system or revival of a poorly performing system may need around 250 litre of the product. This will be added to the STP over a period of 21 days
  • The dosage may vary depending upon the quality of water. However, it the product should work well with the dosage as mentioned above, for TDS<8000 ppm and pH of 6 to 9.5
Most optimum solution can be recommended based on the present health of the STP. Please contact the sales partner for more information